How to Defeat Smith


What we aim to do is simple: use Texas’ semi-open primary system to edge Smith out in favor of another Republican candidate. When voters identify themselves to the election officials, they must request a party’s specific ballot. As explained on Wikipedia:

Only one ballot is cast by each voter. In many states with semi-open primaries, election officials or poll workers from their respective parties record each voter’s choice of party and provide access to this information. The primary difference between a semi-open and open primary system is the use of a party-specific ballot. In a semi-open primary, a public declaration in front of the election judges is made and a party-specific ballot given to the voter to cast.

This means that Republicans, Independents and Democrats can participate in the choosing of either party’s candidate in the primary election. While Democrats who choose to participate in the Republican primaries are exempt from also voting for their own party’s candidate, it is important to note that their actions would speak volumes in regards to changing the political landscape in their district. Keeping in mind the fact that Smith has enjoyed comfortable margins of victory over the years in a district that heavily favors Republican candidates, a vote for another candidate in Texas’ open primary would possibly have a greater effect than simply voting in the Democratic primary and ultimately losing the race.


How You Can Help


Test PAC will rely on two things to make this work: (1) your advice and insight, and (2) your donations. We truly believe that information is more important than money in a democracy, so if you can’t afford to donate, please lend us your advice and ideas in our subreddit, /r/testpac. We don’t like asking for money, but it’s also important. If you think you can donate, your money won’t be squandered. Test PAC has operated with less than 3.5% overhead (the EFF brags about their 10%) since we formally started in January, and we plan to keep it that way. Additionally, officers receive no compensation for their work. Donations can be made to Operation: Mr. Smith Comes Back From Washington on the campaign’s official donation page or on the Test PAC Website. Your contribution will go towards video production costs and paying actual Redditors in /r/design and other subreddits to help design our campaign materials.


Live in Texas’ 21st District?

Texas Primary (tentative): May 29th, 2012

Voter Registration Deadline: March 5th, 2012



The TX-21 district includes parts of San Antonio and Austin, including UT Austin. The district may be redrawn between now and the primary, which is tentatively scheduled for April 17th. If you live in Texas’ 21st Congressional District, please help Test PAC spread the word. Talk to friends and neighbors, contact local clubs and organizations, and volunteer to hand out information regarding our mission. We will rely heavily on the people on the ground to gain support for our cause. If you have any questions, feel free to contact for more information.